Job Hunting: ? Try The Number Game

There’s an anger perpetuated by the fact that the job hunting system slowly and systematically strips men and women of their self esteem and leaves them feeling devalued and discarded by our society.

Our instinctive reaction of anger and sometime fierce anger becomes a burning fire within that gradually consumes us if not checked. If we are wise we must learn to let go of this anger and get on with our life.

Enjoying the process, of hunting requires a paradigm shift. A renewed vigor and constant self check in order not to slip into depression resulting from some rejections.


In the gambling world, if you place sufficient bets on enough different numbers, one of them is bound to pay off (that’s the Number game).
In job hunting you have to play the number game, how do you do that, Cv’s/ Resumes. Yes that’s how you play the game.
If you are using the resume/cv’s you have to play them just like a number game, send out just as many as you possible can in response to Ads.
For every 1470 Cv’s/Resume floating out there, study has shown that its a possibility only one job offer is in the tendering. Terrible you will say, yes terrible, but you should try and understand it. That’s why you have to, if you so chose, (use the number game) even right now most people do this on some unconscious level.

So in your Hunt for a job you must come up with supplementary method’s to help your Main job search.
The number game is just one way to do that, from the study (The Job Hunt) by L Sheppard and A. Harvey. It reveled that the greater numbers of auxiliary avenues used by he job hunter, the greater the job finding success. It makes sense to therefore know all the avenues you want to use and how to use them.

Other methods
1.Mailing out your resume, in unsolicited application- comes very handy when you have outstanding achievements both (academics and work experiences).
2.Going to private employment/placement agencies
3.Networking- making personal contacts through friends, referrals, etc
4.Placing paper ads about yourself, not so common in Nigeria
5.Jobs/ Career fairs – A growing means now used by employers locally.
6.Strategically positioning your self for retainment with your firm,after NYSC

Its important to note that for these and other methods you might come up with in your job hunt, they all have virtues as well as defects. There’s limitations in each supplements, try analyze each on your on and weigh the pros and cons .Hope so far this is helping to encourage someone


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