Frustrating job-market (is there Hope or no Hope?)

Goodday, good people, I am currently doing some personal research on the job market and job hunting, its become a daunting task for most young people, many folks come out of school armed with degrees and Diplomas and end up getting aged in the process of seeking a job.

Well to such a one, I ask, is there hope?The clock is ticking and its already 2 mins to midnight.A job hunt seems the loneliest task in the world. And we wonder: is it this difficult for other people?Well my friends the answer is YES!Are other people this discouraged and desperate and frustrated and so low in self esteem after a spell of job hunting?The answer again is Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!In this search, we dutifully send our resume... to every nook and cranny of the job market and then wait!. Wait! Wait!At this point our worth seems increasingly questionable even in our own eyes.

We start talking to everyone who will listen, and listening to everyone who will talk with us, and thinking, that surely there must be someone who knows how to crack this terribly frustrating Job market.It’s a puzzle my friend, and like every puzzle there’s a way around it. So stick with me and work with me people let’s crack this puzzle. There is a Good job or some other fantastic opportunities out there with your name on it I will share my thoughts and also excerpt from materials I am using in my research of the Job market. What you will read here from time to time, will serve to encourage you, make you more resilient in what ever you so chose to (a job or your own business) and also bring a change (a success story).


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