Chaos in Port Harcourt

For 6 days now PHC is a war zone, people die everyday and the Nigeria military says “they won’t use excessive force;” to stop militant clashes in the city, oh my God what kind of a country are we living in.

The reports are everywhere, masked men on bike, spring up from different parts of the city shooting, the report says its cult groups fighting each other, but what’s the reason for this fighting ?

Early this morning at about 5 am I heard explosions, later  that morning I was trying to get out early to beat the 7am deadline for commencement of environmental clean up exercise and met a road block at the slaughter axis of town, evidently they were some shooting  there already .

I had to change my mind and direction and  decided to go to the office, where it’s a lot safer , as I write am getting different and even freighting reports of happens in certain part of old port harcourt town.

NNPC mage filling station attacked, the state radio station attacked, even though these are unconfirmed reports, I have a strong sense it just might true.

Its very sickening , one minute its Ok the next there’s chaos , at Eleme / oil mill junction on Wednesday I witnessed the panic and the way people where running, seconds after we drove past, we got a call from friends still stock back at eleme junction that gun shots are being heard.

So far the federal government is not saying anything or taking any real action, I didn't say state government because if for 6 days now the state government and the police cant control or stop this violence and senseless killings, the federal government should take action last time I checked Port Harcourt was still a part of Nigeria.

We don’t know for real, what is going on.. Why the killing, the cult clashes and why the attack on government properties .

It’s a shame, it’s a real shame .May God almighty save us from this situation, fast turning into anarchy


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