TV survival show Gulder Ultimate search and the death

Anthony Ogadje, 25 a ,young man, in his prime dies, now how real can reality get. Gulder Ultimate Search

People keep asking, where was every one when this young man was drowning? Well if you are a swimmer, you will know one thing, it takes very good skills as a swimmer to save a man drowning, and if you have seen the young man in question he is quite muscular, saving him might have gotten his rescuer drowned too if such a person is not an expert swimmer, so the questions I Put to Nigeria Brewery Plc, is this, where they qualified life guards on site? If yes what did he or they do?

I believe before the Young man went into the water maybe he could swim, even a swimmer can drown, he might have had a muscle pull, severe cramps or some other attack ,also learning to swim in still waters like a swimming pool and then swimming in a waters with current is a different thing, one cant really say how this very unfortunate incident happened

Nigeria is a country where, just because the law is just the law and nothing else, Cooperate Bodies and organizations, like Nigeria breweries, “Rape” the citizenry.This is just my own sentiments and its not because of this unfortunate incident, I believe the alcohol brewing companies in Nigeria especially Nigeria breweries, are the Most inhuman organization, all they care about is Profit and more profit, while getting Nigerians high on beer.

The Gulder ultimate search was not about showing how strong and daring Nigerian youths are, it’s all about NB, eating deep and gaining even more grip on the minds of every young Nigerian, its simple gimmick to have us sleep, eat, and think Gulder. See the adverts on TV, heavily built Gulder drinking men, jump off a chopper on an Oil platform and save the day, by putting out a blow out and the resulting fire.

If its Star lager beer, a bunch of young guys and girls , end up having a party in the middle of nowhere after one of them, as he puts it “am out of fuel”.

I happened to see a picture of the crowd that came for the screening for the Gulder Ultimate search and the sight is just another sad reminder of the fact that Joblessness is at an all time High in Nigeria, the truth be told the same people that NB plc, wont Hire just because they are not qualified enough to work for them, are the very same people they Put in front of the TV screen and call heroes in an ultimate search for What?, I don’t Know.

If you doubt this assertion, let them show us how many ex-ultimate search veterans are now staffs of Nigeria breweries or do business with them.

Reality TV, the craze in Nigeria Now, and it is was just a matter of time before the Nigeria factor kicked in, and it just did in a rather unfortunate way. My heart and condolence goes to the family that has lost a young man. A younger man that, i later found out was the junior brother to my friend Ogaga and was also an old boy of Urhobo college Warri my alma-mata

The question is who or what body is ment to regulate such shows, to see that the contestants are not just being used for pure publicity and advertising stunts, and at the end of the day lose out.

How come all the alcoholic brewing companies operator like they have no regulations guiding advertising of their products or show they put on TV. Nigerian Breweries, with a major stake-owned by the Dutch giant Heineken's, I bet this show will run with a lot more preparations, funds and regulations if it was in the Netherlands

Nigeria is in dire need of a private sector that will be actively involved in helping government with certain social and environmental responsibilities, ( renovating schools, waste disposal units, traffics and road signs etc, PLEASE enough of these reality shows, enough of the TV and radio jingles.

5 million naira ($39,000) in cash, a four-wheel drive jeep and another 500,000 naira to buy clothes and that makes you a hero, that’s one hell of a hero if you ask me.

I wait to see what will become of this case, will it be the turning point for NB and its like that all they think about is profiting , or will the public out cry make the government and relevant authorities put some tighter controls on these so called Reality TV show, and promotions, only God knows


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