Grace, Favour and Passion

I am a product of Grace, Gods grace! I look at my life, events and happenings surrounding me and my family all I can say, and keeping say is lord God almighty thank you for your mercies, your grace and your LOVE!.

I always like to think of myself as not lucky, but favored, I don’t believe in that thing called luck, but I do believe that God can cause things to happen in ones favor, “ draw the lines so that it falls for you only in pleasant places” and that has been my lot,even though sometimes I fail to see and acknowledge that truth.

We live in a world where, we celebrate and crave for a lot of crazy things, not just materials but also certain life styles.

Every body rates you by what you wear, the kind of car you drive, whats the make or model of the phone you use, what part of town you leave the list goes on and on. These qualities and many more now becomes the typical yard sticks for anyone sadly including Christians to measure how much God has been good to us, or on the other hand how he has not been so favorably disposed to our materialistic carvings.

For me time and events in my life has taught me that indeed God knows all, and certainly knows best for everyone. Its not like he withholds good things from you, because not all material things are bad, but having certain things at certain times might just end up literally killing you. So in Gods own setting there is time! and  a season!, but the world we live in expect so much of you at a certain stage or age in life and where you don’t measure up, people tend to see you as a failure or as failing.

The catch with the the time and season doctrine is that many lazy people use that as a defense for not having been able to make something out of there lives, the truth be told with a lazy or slothful man there's no real time or season, unless he amends his ways.

A man with a goal, -an achievable goal, a man with a vision,- a clear cut mental picture, is definitely a man on a mission.

His hands are not weak at what they find to do, his spirit man is a refined assurance that he is created for a purpose and destiny is unfolding on a daily basis. If h aims,shots and misses he shots again and again till he hits the bulls eyes, that’s the man you look for.

In everything, look for passion and if you find passion,also  find what fires that passion. If the fuel that fires your passion is the right kind of fuel, then your passion wont burn out.


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