Gulder Ultimate Search 4 (IV)!

Lately I have had to post on this site
Are people are so narrow minded or is it just me, all they care about is let the Gulder ultimate search show continue, for them nothing is wrong its just one death.

This issue from the bigger perspective, it’s not just about the death of this young man or if NB plc should be dragged to court in a 100M law suit.

Its about NB and other companies to become more responsive to the needs of Today’s Nigerian, I think a scholarship or some kind of youth development program will go a long way to achieve a far better thing for the common good of the Nigerian youths , than any”Ultimate” search would.

Let jut imagine this guys death happened at a Youth career development program or some other kind of youth development boot camp being organized by NB plc, I for one wont be crying crucify NB, but as it stands now am one of the people shouting nail NB.

I know they are in business to brew products, make a profit for the benefit of its shareholders and the good of the employees, but it dose not end there, for any good organization they MUST show some form of community responsibility, and so far the way NB has chosen to show that societal responsibility is in ways to promote there product Star quest, Star mage Jam and the Ultimate death, opps! Sorry search, just entertainment well life is not all about entertainment, jams and reality TV. NB should also shove some of that much need money into the Nigerian brand (you, me, and everyone)


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