Driving Alive

Many years ago while in secondary school , I read a pamphlet on Defensive Drive, and one of the lines that I can still remember till this day is that " in driving 🚦 a vehicle 🚖, you the driver has to compensate for the mistakes/errors for pedestrians, the bad driving of motorcyclist, and even other car road users. 

Be able to anticipate their mistakes or bad judgment before it happens and avoid them safely if possible. 

Well, life has taught me, that this rule sort of works in dealing with people also. Life is all about relationships, you can't do life, without people, and I mean the good, the bad and the downright nasty people. 

Learning to love & live with people of all types and kinds is like learning to drive defensively - you don't crash an "idiot" driver just to make a or prove a point, when they cut you off on the road 🔼, you protect yourself, and protect other people even the crazy ones who careless about you and trust me when I say these days you would easily  find more "crazy" then "good". 

So I share these wise counsel I found .

Be Good" only don't be stupid 
Be Considerate" but don't lose yourself 
Be Happy " for you & for others 
Be Fresh" because everyday at life, is a blessing 
Be Phenomenal " why? cause only one you, would walk this earth for all of eternity
Be spiritual " for what's the container without the content?
Be Childlike , not childish 
Be Funny , find fun, laughter , that would do your heart some good every now and when you can. 


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