2019 into 2020, crossing over to the next Decade.

It is the last day of 2019, we are here, we made it, still standing. Grateful Hearts!

Into the Decade.

It’s not just the end of a year, it’s also the end of one a decade and the beginning of another – December 2009 to December 2019 my whole life experiences can be described in one word, God is real. My last 10 years of existence in every way was an acknowledgement that there’s a God.  I saw manifold Growth/Progress in all aspects of life, Experienced undying Grace, walked in Blessings season after season, received Favour, shielded by Mercies, covered by divine Protection,  enjoy a Peace beyond understanding and yet faced multiple challenges after challenges that keep turning out learning experiences and working out for my good.

I heard my Pastor say "2020 – came early", and indeed for me, it has. 

It practically feels like it has already started within the last few weeks and days and hours of 2019. It’s already clear it will be an intense year – and should be faced with the intensity if will demand. The intensity in life’s pursuits but more importantly intensifying one's pursuit of God. Its a year to be intentional -  Spirit of God, Leads, I follow.

2019, I made some really good progress where I least expected, even with severe challenges all around me day in day out, somehow by Gods grace, I kept pulling through –day by day, season by season. 

My one sure source of help, the name Jesus Christ, was gracious in love and merciful to me. I found helpful grace when I needed it most, encouragement, boldness and confidence when it mattered most. The year was busy for me – but it was good, for as I was active, the good results became evident in time. 

I started the year believing it was the year to make all “things happen” and as the year unfolded – I understood, the foundations are being built to make all things -Good, Best and better happen.

I enjoyed complete divine security, protection and preservation.  From two international trips, multiple regular local travels for me, and even more for my wife and in all we had protection, preservation and provision. I have grown old enough to know that for me, these things just don’t happen by chance.

I know there’s a hand that sustains and provide for me and mine and I say 


You are not just our eternal saviour, you are our protector and provider, so here is me, declaring this in my writing, my heart and my testimonies.

I learnt new things in business, and people and the need to always take a stand and believe in my convictions because I know my source.

2020 is one year am going into and already I have a strong sense of my targets to achieve, the demands it will place on me, the activities,  the key decisions,  the important changes, and the pressures.  While I see or senses these things, I also know for these and all of the what is to come in 2020 –I have to follow a steady, tested, and sure path or strategy to come out at the other end with good successes and for me, it is This, Spirit of God, Leads, I follow.
“ God 1st” in everything, big, small, micro, nano, EVERYTHING.

I have to demand, desire, sort for, source for, acknowledge and find – Help in God, through my Faith in his Son, Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit my very own ever-present help. Whilst I put in the work, the human efforts, - I understand the "horse comes before the cart"

So I remain confident he answers my Prayer – Why? because of I have Experienced Him, I have Evidence and its well over forty years  (That I cannot deny) I judge HIM Faithful  for Everything and more -: For

1.       Family Blessings
2.       Faith and Spiritual Growth
3.       Family Preservation and Additions
4.       Wisdom, Grace and Favor in Business
5.       Relationships Blessing
6.       Job and Career Growth
7.       Financial and Investment Wisdom
8.       Grace for Commitment (Church)
9.       Sustained Grace for Giving and Helping
10.   Soundness of Body, Health and Mind

I am excited about the New Year and more so, the Decade – I am confident my Journey this far is just a base to continue and build for a greater glory that honours God and Glorifies Him and Him Alone.

It’s a blessing to end one year and begin a new one and a new decade with every single member of my family, Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Nephews, Niece, Inlaws, including Extended Family, Alive and In Good Health.

I am grateful for the preservation and protection of the lives of all my friends and their families, my Pastors, my faith family, and my colleagues.

My heart sincere prayers are that over the next decade, the God who rules in the affairs of man, the God over everything, the God who is the giver, sustainer and keeper of Life – will preserve all of our lives, and his will shall be done in each life.  AMEN!

Usually, I think about my nation and where we are going into a new year but for today I don’t have much to say about the state of the country, I just feel for most Nigerians –they are coming around to waiting out the current government and state of the nation, while some can leave, most are hanging again as always onto hope that a new and better thing will someday come but, that’s a long and uncertain wait. So we will see - I know God is our help.

Peace - Full
I have unshakeable hope for 2020, and confidence that for me and my family – the next decade holds and will unfold the wonderful blessing from our God. 
My Waymaker, My Pathfinder 

Lord For who you are I stand in Awe, Indescribable, Uncontainable, The God our human mind cannot fathom – but yet, has graced us to call him Our Father through Jesus Christ his only begotten son.

I Thank You Lord for 2020,2021,2022,2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030.

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NOW! let’s go 2020, Intentional - Bold - Faith

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