Another loss, Not just another Crash

Can we just stop for a min!! and have a reality check BABA OBJ!! PLEASE... not some more mourning days, the being deeply sobered and the usual flag below half mast and the ordering immediate investigations BLA BLA BLA!!, and before you can say Jack Robinson , its News of another crash.
Its seems its like a routine now, its no big deal, I don’t want to believe that’s the way they see it, but am afraid it looks like that, cuz as long as the presidential jet is A OK! We can fly and old rickety plan on our sky’s
WHY oh, why ... it’s a colossal lose of Human capital, from Dr to Pastors, engineers to bright young school children, from a whole family to a single young lady and now a WHOLE Sultan, and two offspring’s. ... I say we stop Hold on sec and check before we wreak ourselves.... it’s deeper than what the eyes can see. God Save Nigeria, Lord Show mercy again... One more Loss, all Departed REST IN PEACE. To the families, Time stands still Now, so what can one say to you guys, Only the creator can Clam you, Just search and hold on to HIM in this trying Times.


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