What's Ogle

One Goal Leave Empty

Ogle is a term coined by me its simply means anything that's anything right on the right side of life and living.

OGLE is a fight for right, OGLE is a change or a better way,OGLE is a call to ethical values in Nigeria and the world at large. OGLE is living life ,loving life and giving the best of you

Ogle ask’s the question who am I, what am I here for, and where do I go from here?. Ogle is conscientious, Ogle reciprocates like a four cylinder spark ignition engine, Ogle is a word without a meaning but yet meaning all the words. (Mutually ogle)

Ogle is crazy, sane, simple, modest, shy, bold, funny, witty, reserved, sassy, trendy, boyish,hard, strong,kind,frank and eclectic - Ogle is living so when you leave you leave empty - haven given it your all

From this blog, I hope to post a lot of stuffs personal ones, all kind of experiences that I feel safe to share in the public domain, and also share some other stuff that I came across from other sites or  blogs. I will give credit to sites, blogs or written articles form other authors when ever I use them on this blog.

Its a long journey ahead - but I can go the whole length



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