Capable Woman

Things that an accomplished and capable woman should be able to do these days.

Dance properly, with a male partner, without looking like a twit
Read stories to young children, doing all voices, without shame
Go to a restaurant alone

Go to the movies alone
Cook something new from scratch, and I mean SCRATCH. Not a peek at the cook book
Make your own Bed
Make your own cake (at least once)

Take part in a personal sporting challenge (swim a certain distance, beat a personal best, go in a fun run, etc)
Travel alone
Say no to your parents, especially your mother

Have a pet
Learn the basics of how computers and the internet work
Be an expert on a topic, no matter how obscure
Be able to look back after sixty years or so and have no regrets
Conquer a phobia or two
Go to a bar alone and order yourself a Drink
Change your bed sheets at least once a week
Host an impromptu dinner or gathering with minimal stress at a moment's notice
Quit your job
Apply for a new job, and be happy about it
Have shares
Know how to properly iron a man's dress shirt and pants (with creases)


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