Sex On A First Date

QUESTION : Under what circumstances do sex on the first date occur:

ANSWER: Typically when neither party really cares about each other. "If you do it, chances are it's not going to go anywhere. If you both know it's not going anywhere, then there's nothing wrong with it."

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Wendy Shalit comments:

But I'm wondering, if no one wants the relationship to go anywhere, aren't there better ways of expressing antipathy than having intimate relations? I mean, why not try boxing? It's less likely to result in STDs and children and then these people could really express their dislike for each other.

What do you think?
Sara comments : 

When I dislike someone—or merely feel that the relationship is going nowhere—I tend to not want to waste any more time on that person. Boxing may be better, as you suggest, but probably not worth the energy. I would prefer to just go home (by myself), sit on the couch, watch some television, and have a snack.

When I was a single person, I probably would have been thinner had I instead boxed all of my lousy dates. I have met people who had “one night stands” that produced children. It’s bizarre. As parents, they are virtual strangers and yet, they have to raise a child together. That’s a big “whoops.”

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